The Farm

Holstein pedigree cows

The majority of black and white cows to be seen grazing in the fields round Seascale live here and are milked twice a day, through a newly installed milking parlour.

Most of the land they graze was ancient sea shore and we think that is where the milk gets its special flavour. The cows graze freely all summer and in the winter are fed on home made silage and home grown cereal and maize*. We have always fed the cows on as pure a diet as is practical. (The rations that are fed to the cows are selected to ensure healthy cows and tasty products, including such ingredients as home grown cereals, maize and of course grazed grass at St Bees.)

Having completed the milk bottling plant, milk is now available from grass to the doorstep without ever leaving the area.

With the increased interest in food miles and the desire of many people to eat local food, we hope we can provide products that will appeal to many people.

Although the products are of the highest quality, they are also very competitively priced.

 As a family run dairy farm we have control over every stage of production. We can therefore ensure the highest quality controls, from choosing the best bull to cross with the cows, to delivering the milk.

* - This year the maze is being put to dual use, providing much entertainment, during its growth period, to the many visitors to the Maize Maze at St Bees. 

Mawsons of Bailey Ground Farm, Seascale, Cumbria, CA20 1NG. Tel. 019467 28278 Email:

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