The Dairy

Mawsons of Bailey Ground Dairy Seascale CumbriaThe Dairy was completed in July 2006 and was officially opened on 13 August, 2006.

It is capable of processing and bottling 1,000 gallons (approx. 4,550 litres) an hour.

Initially we installed a new computerised milking parlour to enable us to produce the cleanest, quality milk in less time, ensuring a higher standard of life for both the cows and the people.

The milk is pumped directly from the parlour to the dairy where it is pasteurised, homogenised, separated and bottled as necessary.

The new milk plant ensures that the milk is pumped and handled as little as possible, combined with a high temperature steam cleaning system and fast chilling after production the quality and shelf life is second to none.





 Mawsons of Bailey Ground  Mawsons of Bailey Ground
 Mawsons of Bailey Ground  Mawsons of Bailey Ground


Mawsons of Bailey Ground Farm, Seascale, Cumbria, CA20 1NG. Tel. 019467 28278 Email:

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